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  Tips: How to put picture in a Toolbar

Tous mes programmes Ti 92 (environ 400) bientôt disponibles en libre accès.
Bac S , DEUG  Bio, Licence Bio, maîtrise BPE, DEA Bio

Mes programmes TI92


  Tips: How to put picture in a Toolbar

After 4 years of research on the Ti 92 secrets i can explain you how you can put the picture you want into a toolbar


   Some of source code in Ti basic

  Theses open sources are extracted from the Lionel Delbe's ti backup
You can see there  the tips i use to program  different kind of software for the ti 92. I only program software which respond to a need ( biology, statistic, ecology, mathematic and more.. 
Ti code source


  Download my programs

Programs can be downloaded to your ti 92. You can find new shell in tibasic for the Ti , graphic Tools, mathematic tools,ecology/biology tools,scientific tools and more...
Ti download


   The caracteristics of the Ti92

The technical files on the Ti 92 I and II.

Les caractéristiques


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