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Greatest Hackers in the Whole World


Handle: kewlet
a.k.a.: kewlet talaga


Richard Stallman

Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson

John Draper

Mark Abene

Robert Morris

Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Poulsen

Johan Helsingius

Vladimir Levin

Douglas Engelbart

Steve Wozniak

Clifford Stoll

Linus Torvalds

Tsutomu Shimomura


Legendary computer hacker released from prison

Hacker discloses new Internet attack software

Nvidia settles Dutch hacking case

Hackers launch attacks to 'teach' RP a lesson


 Claim to Fame:
Made a server shut down by accessing their system in a single workstation and a modem... took em' 2 to 3 hours by listening on it and "by the time the fruit was riped... then the beast came alive" in his own words... the server's confidential... the server really suffered and was under construction for a week... many users were very much affected and promised not to do it again... at present... just always chatting and scanning ports of every known chatter in the room... web based... collects ips and stuffs and distinguishing computer names... etc... was called "gatecrasher" in 1997 and still is until now =).

First Computer Used: A mini laptop os win3.1 w/ a 26kbps modem (Daw)... used it to write viruses in a .bat form...

Little known Fact: Just made a new virus entry... the hard drive killer...
transported to U.S. and was supported and bought by a not-so-known organization to use it for malicious intentions...

(added 02/01/2000 by kewlet@garbage.com)


Handle: Payat-puyat
a.k.a: Cris Hilario

Claim to Fame:
Graduate with flying colors. Hacking your account in your school is not the best thing you can do during College years, but this guy hack not for his Account but hack to another, changing them to much higher tuition fees. Cris is a Unix expert, with an explorer's mind. He even used the Digital diary to HACK the LAN file with a NCSA and CERN style image map files facilities porting from Unix.

First Computer Used:
in 1990, in a high school computer course, where he can perfect the subject with a eyes close. (only the Basic)

Little-known Facts:
Working with Rat-boo in the Computer Firm which they created an Employee's Dream environment


Handle: Rat-boo
a.k.a.: Wala Eh

Claim to Fame:
Able to download a shareware in Microhard Corporation a system which can be use in limiting the E-mail systems and make his own domain for free without a server, using only his IBM Break System computer during High School Days. He even access Internet only using others telephone line connecting to different ISP with no bills (is this what they called "clone"?).

He even provide an access to his friends to the Net. He was called by his friends as the "GATEKEEPER".

First Computer Used: IBM Break System with Modem/ISDN interface.

Little known Fact: Working in one of the Worlds biggest Computer Manufacturer. The Internet is his LIFE.

 BootSector's Fends?

Handle: BootSector
a.k.a.: Archie Celentano

Claim to Fame:
The author of many hacking and phreaking the books like "Elites' Guide to Hacking" which can be downloaded anywhere at the internet in the hacking web site (like http://www.geocities.com/dalnet_hackers/, http://www.geocities.com/perianthium786/hfile.html and others...). Contributor in the Yahoo Groups of Hack-Phreak and DalnetHackers. Founder of Underground Philippine Hackers Association (UPHA) and Philippine Underground Hackers Organization (PUHO). Inspired by his friend Acidcode, the founder of underground society, and #underground channel in Dalnet, BootSector find the way to join the area of satellite hackers in the world. (Some info of underground can be found at http://www.acidcode.com/underground.html and satellite hacking at http://www.acidcode.com/ and http://www.geocities.com/dalnet_hackers/). BootSector is also the founder of #h@ckers channel in Dalnet of which there where a hundred members Filipino and international hackers from Indonesia, US, Pakistan, Singapore and other countries. With his partner frxpyder who contributed in hacking world the "Hackers Identity." (http://www.geocities.com/perianthium786/identity.html) which became famous like the "Hackers Manifesto."

First Computer Used: Original IBM Desktop Computer connected to TCP/IP network (now internet).

Little known Fact: Little known Fact: BootSector is also involved in virus writing/coding and helping people to create DOS/Window base viruses. Inspired by 29a groups and favorite virus author Dark Angel, BootSector write a book about DOS/Windows viruses. (You can find BootSector in #virii channel in Dalnet or contact at bootsectorph@yahoo.com.) BootSector is also known as the helper and a member of harmless hackers in their location.

Other info, not of important: An old time interviewer of TRON (from U.S.A.), a phreaker and president of Dark Side Hackers, past member of CodeZero and Hackers Unlimited and founder of #Phreak Channel in Dalnet (some of the interviews can be found at http://www.geocities.com/dalnet_hackers/) and a friend of many veteran hackers in the world.

(added 03/30/2001 by bootsectorph@yahoo.com)


Handle: MacGyver
a.k.a.: Emmanuel Sta. Rita

Claim to Fame:
ABurned 7 Desktop Computers in a cyber cafe along manila by sending signals and packets from a a laptop computer and the only left usable in the desktop computers is the mouse and the keyboard. (DAW HEHEHE)

First Computer Used: a 486dx 33mhz computer with 32kbps modem

Little known Fact: this guy is a member of a not so famous clan of hackers in Philippines named "TEAM ROCKET" And currently working at a computer shop somewhere in caloocan. (NOT FAMOUS AT ALL - Website Owner)

(added 03/12/2001 by epaloids@yahoo.com)