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Greatest Hackers in the Whole World

Zero Tolerance (1994-present)

Seeing Mitnick being led off in chains on national TV soured the public's romance with online outlaws. Net users were terrified of hackers using tools like "password sniffers" to ferret out private information, or "spoofing," which tricked a machine into giving a hacker access.
Richard Stallman

Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson

John Draper

Mark Abene

Robert Morris

Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Poulsen

Johan Helsingius

Vladimir Levin

Douglas Engelbart

Steve Wozniak

Clifford Stoll

Linus Torvalds

Tsutomu Shimomura


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 Call it the end of anarchy, the death of the frontier. Hackers were no longer considered romantic antiheroes, kooky eccentrics who just wanted to learn things. A burgeoning online economy with the promise of conducting the world's business over the Net needed protection. Suddenly hackers were crooks.

In the summer of 1994 a gang masterminded by a Russian hacker broke into Citibank's computers and made unauthorized transfers totaling more than $10 million from customers' accounts. Citibank recovered all but about $400,000, but the scare sealed the deal. The hackers' arrests created a fraud vacuum out there in cyberspace.

So who's out there now? With hackers keeping a low profile it's impossible to identify the vanguard of the next generation, or even to say whether teenagers have stepped back to make more room for greedy adults. But facts don't cease to exist just because they're ignored, as the writer Aldous Huxley once said. And there's a saying in the computer underground: If you're a good hacker, everyone knows your name. If you're a great hacker, no one knows who you are